About This Blog

In January 2015, a first grader at the small private school I’ve led since 2005 described me in this way: “Her voice goes up…and people listen.”  😊

That comment was one of a couple catalysts that led me to start this blog in March 2015.  “Her Voice Goes Up…” is an opportunity for me to share my thoughts about a variety of topics with the goal of one day being published on a larger platform and someday writing a book (or two!).  Thank you for visiting this site, and if something resonates with you, please let me know and/or please feel free to share!


About Nicole McDermott

I am a teacher, leader, writer, organizer, friend, daughter, niece, auntie, volunteer, baker and an emergent runner.

I prioritize building connection and community, supporting people I love and causes that are important to me and continuing to grow into a better version of myself.

I value quality in all things, positive energy, good thoughts, making a difference and laughing with friends.

I really like pink, pizza, anything with peppermint, Oprah Winfrey, New England, refreshing experiences, being near the water and mentoring young leaders.

And, I am inspired by Brené Brown, Rob Bell, Elizabeth Gilbert, Marianne Williamson, Bishop T.D. Jakes, Barbara Brown Taylor, Anna Quindlen, Kelly Corrigan and Shonda Rhimes.



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