Desk Drawer

Desk Drawer

Last week, I found something in my desk drawer.  It was something I had in my old desk, in my old office, and now here it was in my small temporary desk in my shared, small temporary office.  It was personal, not at all related to my job.  Why had I moved this item?  When I found it, I felt a little embarrassed for myself and I removed it from my desk.  (I certainly don’t need to move it again later to my new office!)  I didn’t throw it out though.  I couldn’t.  So, I brought it home and I put it with other things I can’t throw away, things that I think matter.  But, I also know that someday later, I’ll find it again and probably wonder why I didn’t already throw it out.  It matters now, but someday it might not.


That’s how it goes with STUFF.  Stuff reminds us of moments, of people, of times that matter, of situations that impacted us.  Sometimes things matter only in the moment, and sometimes they matter in the moments to come too.


Sometimes, I simply can’t let the stuff go because somehow it feels like I am letting the moment go.  And it’s not that I am living in the past, but it’s that something about that moment from the past serves me in the present.


I can’t always articulate the why or the how, but I always know it makes me think and it makes me feel (even if that’s a little embarrassed).  And that’s vulnerable and real, like the items we save in desk drawers and, more importantly, the moments they represent.


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One thought on “Desk Drawer

  1. I don’t remember where I got this advice, but it has worked very well for me: Whenever I wonder whether or not I “should” keep an item I ask myself “does this item bring me joy?” I get rid of it if it doesn’t and I keep it if it does. This way my box of “junk” now becomes a box of “joy”.

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