A Quick Year-end Thought: Highest Loves

A Quick Year-end Thought: Highest Loves

Yesterday, I watched an episode of Super Soul Sunday.  As is sometimes the case, I was behind with my OWN viewing, and this one originally aired a few weeks ago.  Turns out it was perfect timing though.


This two-minute clip with New York Times Columnist David Brooks and Oprah explains why prioritizing our highest loves matters.  As one year ends and another begins, I think this is very important to consider.  I suspect we all know what our highest loves are – or what we think they are – but how we spend our time sometimes suggests something different.  If this is the case, we are out of alignment, and we cannot be our best selves.


Am I spending my time – or my attention or my energy – on my highest loves?  I hope so.  I want the answer to be yes.  I think sometimes it’s not though, and as 2016 begins, this is the question on which I’m going to be reflecting.


Happy new year!  I’m grateful to everyone who supported my blog in 2015.  I appreciate those who subscribed to it, liked the Facebook page, talked to me about posts that resonated and or shared the pieces you really liked.  Thank you!!

Special thanks to best friend Kristina Dlugozima who reads and edits every piece before I post it and to my friend Steve Seminaro with whom I clarify and collaborate daily as we put our #DreamsOverFears.


2 thoughts on “A Quick Year-end Thought: Highest Loves

  1. David Brooks IS the author that I was telling you about. “The Road to Character” is the title of the book that I am going to order today, for sure! Good luck on your 2016 goals.


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