This Little Prize

This Little Prize

I was recently telling a friend about seeing a friend I had not seen in eleven years. When I was describing it, I said something like, “We were at the restaurant for about two hours.  We talked the entire time and definitely could have kept talking.”  My friend listening to me said, “Oh, I can imagine. Don’t you just love that though? It’s like…” And she paused for a second before cupping one of her hands as if she was holding something rare, something fragile, something precious and saying, “…this little prize.”

What a perfect description!

really like that visual and those words.  Two hours with a friend I had not seen in eleven years when it felt like no time at all had passed was a little prize.  Really, it was a big prize!

Then, I started thinking about how fortunate I have been this fall.  I have had a lot of little prizes: a day in DC in September with a friend I had not seen since February, dinners in October and November with out-of-town friends passing through DC, an extended long weekend in Massachusetts with family and friends and a girls’ weekend in Florida in November (this in itself is a prize!).

I loved these times, and, I love the idea of thinking of them as prizes.  When I reflect on these experiences this way, I don’t wish the times lasted longer or that there was less space in between them.

When I reflect on these experiences this way, I think only about how lucky I am to have had them in the first place, and I feel grateful that I can pick up so easily where I left off – whether it was months or years ago – with people who matter to me.

Prizes for sure.


Siesta Key, Florida – November 8, 2015