Happy Tenth Auction, Uncle Albert!  


Happy Tenth Auction, Uncle Albert!

I don’t ever remember a time when Uncle Albert was not one of my most favorite people.

When I was little, the story goes, Uncle Albert would stay at our house when visiting from California, and he would sometimes get in late at night after being out with his Massachusetts friends. I would wake up and go out to the living room where he was sleeping on the couch and ask him to read me a story. He would try to rush through the books or skip pages (because he wanted to go to bed), and I would correct him because I knew the stories and I would make him start from the beginning.  And this was probably the beginning of when Uncle Albert told everyone who would listen how smart his niece Nicole was.

When I was in college, my friends and I had tickets to see a special concert. Uncle Albert rented a limo to take us there, and he even convinced the limo owner to allow us to eat inside, which normally was not permitted. “My niece is very responsible,” he told the man on the phone.

Uncle Albert has always been special and he has always made things special for me. I was so excited whenever he came to visit, and I knew he was one of my biggest fans.

My mom, aunt, and Uncle Albert came to visit me the summer of my transition from third grade teacher to Head of School.  One of the school families from my third grade class hosted a pool party for the class and my family. At some point, the topic of the auction came up, and it was mentioned that the child of the auctioneer graduated so we would need a new person to do our live auction beginning in 2006. Having only spent a couple of hours together, I think it was my friend Karen who first suggested that person could be Uncle Albert. Everyone else jumped all over this. And, although he had never done anything like this in his life (and later Russ made sure he told us all this so we would not have false expectations of his capabilities…), Uncle Albert excitedly said yes (and of course followed through) because he loves making things special for people and because he is such a special person himself.

And now, it’s my tenth year as Head of School, and it’s Uncle Albert’s tenth auction this weekend! Uncle Albert has always made things special for me, and now the past nine school auctions that collectively have raised over $200,000 for our school can be added to the list.  Uncle Albert has played an integral part in this with his work during our live auctions.

Thank you, Uncle Albert, for being such a special person to me and to our school! We’re very grateful, and I think, as far as the school community goes, I won’t be the only one who considers you a favorite person as we celebrate our Black & White (& Pink!) auction on Saturday night! xo

This is an adapted version of a tribute page I wrote for this year’s Black & White (& Pink!) auction print catalog celebrating Uncle Albert’s tenth event and the important role he has played in our school fundraising.


2 thoughts on “Happy Tenth Auction, Uncle Albert!  

  1. Enjoy reading your blog. Reminds me of the many conversations we have had on a variety of topics: Your passion for certain causes, your love of “real” and quality people, and your opinions on almost anything and everything. Keep being Nicole. People like you are needed now more than ever!


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